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Copernicus Emergency Projects Workshop at REA in Brussels

04 December 2014

LAMPRE-slide-set of products4 December 2014, Bruxelles - Representatives of FP7-Space projects (PREFER, PHAROS, LAMPRE, FLOODIS, SENSUM, IncREO, RASOR, APhoRISM, FAST) related to the Copernicus Emergency Management Service together with representatives of the European Commission services potentially interested in these services met in Brussels at the Research Executive Agency (REA). The purpose of the Emergency Projects workshop was to identify and/or develop cooperation opportunities between players of the FP7 projects, in view to support the sustainability of the services.

Each project presented the characteristics and conditions of the products and the services developed as output of the project, in view of their further exploitation, also according to a cooperation logic between projects. Besides the presentations and talks from projects representatives, a presentation of the European Emergency Management Service (EMS) will be provided. Download the Copernicus Emergency Projects Workshop Agenda. In this occasion, Fausto Guzzetti, Project Coordinator of LAMPRE, presented the set of products developed by the project.

The minute of the workshop and the presentations of the Emergency Projects will be posted by the European Commission on the Copernicus Emergency Management Service portal.