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LEdu - LAMPRE educational

LAMPRE Educational (LEdu) is a collection of talks, activities and resources aimed at non-experts to help them better understand the general background, processes, issues and resources available for landslides and triggered landslide events. LEdu is also the potential custom-made educational resources that can be created by LAMPRE, on demand.

The need for education related to landslides and landslide triggered events is everywhere, in all countries. LAMPRE Educational (LEdu) can provide this training, either through existing activities and resources (e.g., via the LAMPRE web page), or through custom made talks, workshops or other material such as learning pamphlets and practicals.

LAMPRE Educational (LEdu) can provide existing resources now, via the LAMPRE web page, or customized educational products and services on landslides, triggered landslide events and other related topics, within weeks to months from the request.

LAMPRE Educational (LEdu) is aimed at non-experts interested in learning more about landslides and triggered landslide events, including the general public, students, teachers, and decision makers.

LAMPRE Educational (LEdu) activities and resources include:

  • LAMPRE Landslide talks and workshops explaining the basics of landslides and triggered landslide events. Webcast versions of these talks are 45 and 3 minutes.
  • A LAMPRE Google Earth Practical for the identification of landslides (15 pages).
  • A LAMPRE Interactive Presentation on landslides and triggered landslide events (see top figure, PREZI).
  • A set of 25 LAMPRE Landslide Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) with detailed answers.
  • A web site with all the above activities, plus a set of web links to:
    • General landslide information (8 links)
    • Landslide videos and photos (14 links)
    • Landslide activities and teaching (9 links)

Interested in LAMPRE products?


For more information about LAMPRE products contact the project coordinator.

LAMPRE products

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Fausto Guzzetti 
Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche - Istituto di Ricerca per la Protezione Idrogeologica

  • Tel. +39 075 501 4402


GA n°: 312384
Project type: Small collaborative project
Start date: 01/03/2013
Duration: 24 months
Total budget: 2,488 mln. €
EC funding: 1,964 mln. €
Total effort in person-month: 284
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The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement nº 312384. LAMPRE is managed by the Research Executive Agency (REA)

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