WP2 - Users needs & specifications

It describes an identification of realistic needs for products and services related to organization, procedures and available expertise, at different geographical and organizational levels.

Author: DPC

Status: Confidential

Executive Summary
Service Specifications Report, System Design And Service Logical Framework Report (D2.2) is technical document, which provides a summary of the existing technological standards and best practices in GIS, Remote Sensing and Spatial Data Infrastructure development software, analyses the existing spatial data types and formats and offers practical recommendations for the optimal configuration of the production and information exchange work-flows of LAMPRE project. The key element of the recommended infrastructure is open source software, and the key elements of interoperability are open data standards and formats. The recommended technological infrastructure is rather generic and therefore applicable in almost any GMES/Copernicus downstream service.
In a more specific part of the report, which deals with LAMPRE production and information exchange work-flows, we presented a structural blue-print for certain interactions within the project team and with external users and service providers, which all aggregate into an integrated LAMPRE Work-flow structure, dedicated for the production and delivery of certain information products and services. This is a preliminary structural design, which will be optimised and detailed during the next phase of the project.
The report also provides technological and semantic specification of LAMPRE information products and services, which were at most designed and even tested during the earlier projects, as well as the initial stage of LAMPRE. The current LAMPRE products and services portfolio will be further discussed with the users and consolidated during the next phase of the project, therefore we anticipate an update before the LAMPRE Landslide downstream service enters the pre-operational phase.
Author: Gediminas Vaitkus (GMX)
D.2.3.EO Data needs and specifications Report

Executive summary

This report describes EO data needs and technical specifications of images pre-processing for the generation of the LAMPRE products and in particular the landslide inventory maps (LIM). Different specifications are provided according to the different techniques exploited in LAMPRE for the production of the maps that include: (i) photo interpretation of monoscopic and stereoscopic HR and VHR MS images, (ii) semi-automatic quantitative analysis of monoscopic HR and VHR images.
Needs and specifications take into account the User requirements provided by the users in the LAMPRE Del. 2.1 (User Needs Analysis Report).

Author: Alessandro Mondini (CNR-IRPI)



Main authors: Paola Pagliara, Chiara Proietti , Roberta Onori, Angelo Corazza, Pierluigi Cara, Giovanni Savarese (DPC)

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The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement nº 312384. LAMPRE is managed by the Research Executive Agency (REA)

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