WP5 - Triggered event landslides

D.5.1 Report Standard Landslide Inventory Maps Quality Assessment

This 35 page report (PDF, 5.5 Mb) describes standards for the production of landslide inventory maps, and for the evaluation of the quality of the produced inventories. Different types of landslide maps are considered, including geomorphological, event, seasonal and multi-temporal inventory maps.

Coordinating author: Alessandro Mondini (CNR-IRPI)

All authors: F. Ardizzone, M. Rossi, M. Cardinali, I. Marchesini, M. Santangelo, A. Mondini, F. Fiorucci, R.M. Mateos, I. García, A. Ciampalini

D.5.2_Report on methods for the production of event landslide inventory maps exploiting EO imagery

This 35 page report (PDF, 11.2 Mb) describes the methods implemented and used in LAMPRE for the production of event landslide inventory maps that exploit EO imagery.

Authors: F. Ardizzone, C. Del Ventisette, N. Drake, F. Fiorucci, B. Malamud, A. Mondini, W. Mota

D.5.4_3-D surface displacement maps of landslides

Author: A. Mondini (CNR-IRPI).

D5.3 R Code for Prototype Software for Landslide Statistics

This file (ZIP, 17 kb) contains R code and configuration files for prototype software for landslide susceptibility modelling.

Author: M. Rossi [CNR]

This Technical note is an addendum of the WP5 Task 5.2 to describe the activities carried out to upgrade the landslide inventory map of the Western Nebrodi Mountains (Messina Province). The deliverable was not considered in the Document of Work.

Author: A. Mondini (CNR-IRPI)

WP5.3 Report on Prototype Software for Landslide Statistics

This 18 page report (PDF, 0.7 Mb) describes prototype software for landslide statistics developed in Task 5.3 in the framework of the LAMPRE project. This report includes an introduction to lanslide statistics, the formulas used, and a user guide to the software. An advanced version of the software can be downloaded in R code (see below) and a more basic version accessed via the web at http://alpha.irpi.cnr.it/cgi-bin/pywps.cgi

Main Author: M. Rossi [CNR]; Contributing Author: B.D. Malamud [KCL]

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The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement nº 312384. LAMPRE is managed by the Research Executive Agency (REA)

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